Does your dog show an intense interest in livestock?    

So, I'll start by saying that I never, ever advocate for dogs being off lead around sheep and other livestock animals.  However, dogs with intense prey drive or chase history can and do manage to break free sometimes, and this can have disastrous consequences.  

Livestock aversion training is designed to teach your dog not to go near the animal (in this case, sheep).  

I have my own flock of sheep, so any training done is performed safely and with the welfare of both sheep and dog in mind. 

So, how does it work? 

I offer e-collar training packages, which are designed to properly condition your dog to the tool, boost their recall skills and then can be used around livestock.  Again, I must emphasise that dogs must be restrained around livestock, but it's an extra layer of safety incase an accident occurs. 

Please note, a consultation and potentially initial sessions are required before e-collar training to assess whether it's a good option for you and your dog.