Short on time to work with your dog?  Want someone else to lay some of the foundations for you?  

Intensive training is designed to allow me to put the foundations in with your dog's training, to give you a good base to continue to build on.  There are no shortcuts in training, but it's ideal for those short on time or with limited mobility.  Perfect for dogs struggling with focus out and about, recall, lead walking and reactivity/overexcitement.  

5 Day Intensive

Ideal for working through general focus and loose lead walking issues as well as overexcitement around other dogs or things in the environment. 

7 Day Intensive

Ideal for working through general focus and lead walking issues, as well as proofing it in more distracting environments and situations. 

10 Day Intensive

For more complex issues, such as reactivity, or for addressing multiple challenges (e.g recall, lead walking, focus etc) in a range of environments.   

Entirely tailored to you and your dog


You will have a consultation with me before your dog's intensive training begins so that we can meet and discuss your goals, requirements and struggles. The training is entirely tailored to your needs and your dog's personality.  You will not need to be present for collection/drop off, if you are able to provide a key.